In Their Own Way

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《In Their Own Way》是I-Roy演唱的歌曲,收录于专辑《Gussie Presenting I Roy》中,发行于2010年3月15日。
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In Their Own Way
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Gussie Presenting I Roy
In Their Own - I-Roy
Levite lost concubine, she ran away
Went down to Bethlehem and there to stay
Levite arrived to bring her back
Her father was so glad, he was so glad to see him
"Let's eat and celebrate, let's drink and feast
Stay here for several days, three days at least"
But on the fifth, he had his fill
Levite and concubine left, it was almost evening
Their servant asked of them, "How about Jerusalem?"
Levite kept on and said, "To Gibeah instead"
(Oh no)
No place to spend the night, in Gibeah
We're safe in Benjamin, it doesn't matter
Camp in the square, we're secure there
That's when an elder came and took them into his home
"We're both from Ephraim, let's stick together
Just don't go spend the night, out in the square"
That's when the men, from Benjamin
Were pounding on the door and asking for the Levite
"We'd like to get to know your Levite friend"
"Don't be so decadent, he is my guest"
They wouldn't leave, so to appease
Threw concubine out and they ravished her until morning
They killed my concubine, I'll make you understand
My knife will make it worse, send you a piece of her
(Oh no)
Opened my mailbox, received an arm
"Please ask and find out who sent this alarm?"
To all twelve tribes, our body shared
There's never been a thing like this since we left Egypt
Then all the Israelites, Beersheba, Dan
And some from Gilead came as one man
Together stood, with weapons drawn
"We won't go home until the Benjamites pay for this"
"Now surrender the men from Gibeah
Then we'll purge evil from the land of God
No white flag because we'd rather fight instead
In three days all but six-hundred dead"
"No wives for Benjamin because the massacre
At Shiloh there's a dance
Grab one then take her as your wife"
(Oh no)
There was no King that day
Each followed his own way